The User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA), formerly the Usability Professionals Association (UPA), is a professional association for people interested in user experience (UX).

The international UXPA conference in Toronto is all set for June 2017 and there are a few noteworthy sessions.  One such noteworthy session is titled “Design Secrets Hiding in Your Web Analytics Data” presented by Jeffrey Easton, Eric Hamilton and Kelly Davies.

According to the session summary:

“Did you know there is a treasure trove of user insights hidden within your organization? As UX professionals we put a great deal of effort into observing actual users and analyzing their behavior for clues on how we can improve our designs, navigation, and content. Many of us, however, inadvertently give little or no attention to the web analytics reporting capabilities that most of our marketing departments have up and running, and the gold mine of user insights that lie within.

This half day workshop will strive to enlighten user experience professionals on how to look at web analytics from a UX perspective through stories and group and solo activities. The goal is to get participants to engage web analytic data beyond just the marketing-centric visits and conversions, highlighting creative ways to analyze and visualize usage data to find hidden potential usability issues or opportunities to improve our users’ overall experiences.”

Our staffers will be present and we’re looking forward to an informative session.


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