Here at Insider Industry, we are always looking for new and cool technology based on trends and overall demand and need.  Most people love the human body and have an appreciation for everything sexy.

Media devices like Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV and Roku are very popular with millions of users globally.  Simultaneously, users have a desire for adult and XXX video content.  Google, Amazon and Apple have worked for years block any and all adult and XXX content.

Roku has a slightly different strategy.  Roku allows for secret adult channels such as Adult Empire Unlimited, Sugar Instant and VideoBox.   The problem is Roku does not promote these channels and they are very difficult to find.

Another streaming device for adult content is Porncast.  Porncast allows users to stream adult content and display it from their smart phones to their TVs.  Porncast is an interesting option as the user is not limited by a few available channels.  Users can display any adult content that is accessible on their smart devices.  Another plus is no wifi is needed.  Porncast does not require a wifi connection which makes it a great addition to or alternative to Roku for viewing adult content.


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