Say goodbye to carrying, a mobile phone and a gaming system and a laptop on your next vacation or business trip.

Tiny Tec Inc. has a product that they claim will change how you use your mobile devices forever.  On a recent visit to New York city, Insider Industry had an opportunity to catch up with tech entrepreneur and founder of Tiny Tec Inc., Eric Hamilton, affectionately known as EHAM.  Eric’s background is in web analytics and has worked for companies Yahoo! and Google in the past few years.

TinyStic is Hamilton’s 1st hardware venture and he claims that this device will bring your apps to the big screen, in essence turning your dumb TV into a smart TV. The device can be plugged into any TV or monitor with an HDMI port.  We had an opportunity to try TinyStic while visiting New York.  We plugged the TinyStic into a TV, then with a few clicks on our Android phone we were able to see all of our phone apps on the big screen.  TinyStic worked well with the Android tablets, iPhones and iPads that we had also.

We were curious of the difference between TinyStic and devices like Google’s Chromecast.  According to Hamilton “Chromecast is great for streaming content from apps such as Netflix and Hulu.  But what if you wanted to play a game like Angry Birds or present a Powerpoint presentation or show photos.  Chromecast can’t do these things, but TinyStic can”.

The idea for TinyStic was born out of the desire to combine phone, laptop and gaming into one device.  In 2013, Hamilton wanted these features and was looking to purchase such a device.  A mentor suggested that he create the device himself.  Nine months later, Hamilton was able to source the manufacturing through an international manufacturer and complete a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund the initial bulk order from his manufacturer.

Hamilton and his team are working to get TinyStic into mobile phone retail stores soon.  For more information on TinyStic, visit them at

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